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Mobile Auto Glass | Houston Crack RepairWe’ve all been there. You’re driving down the road and WHAM, a rock flies up from behind a truck and hits your windshield. You’re lucky if you only receive a small chip. But, even if the damage seems minimal, taking care of a chip before it turns into a inconvenient crack is smart. Not caring for a crack can result i the need for windshield replacement. Affordable Auto Glass's mobile repair service can come to you and fix or replace cracked windshields. Don’t delay calling because you’re worried about a large deductible. Houston's Affordable Auto Glass specialists offers excellent prices and we work with most auto insurance companies.

Affordable Auto Glass repair specialists will fill in the cracked or chipped area with clear resin. Once the resin is in the glass, it is cured and polished to match the rest of the glass. Different cracks and chips respond differently to the treatment. Only rarely will the glass appear as new; most of the time the blemish is still obvious. In either case, you can rest assured that it will not spread any larger because the resin holds the crack together.

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