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Auto Glass Safety Facts - How to Choose?

Your windshield car glass is a vital component of your vehicle, contributing much to keeping you and your passengers safe. Because of this, Affordable Auto Glass wants you to know the basic facts about windshield repair, windshield replacement and auto glass installation.

Having a mobile auto glass repair service come to your office or home makes life so much easier given that we all depend on our vehicles. The importance of the windshield car glass is seen in the event of a vehicle collision with frontal impact or a vehicle roll-over. In such cases, the windshield car glass serves as the first line of defense for the vehicle driver and passengers. As a structural component, the windshield car glass fortifies the roof of the vehicle in order to prevent its collapse upon the driver and passengers in a roll-over. The windshield car glass also serves as the foundation for the airbags. If the windshield car glass is not installed properly, the expansion of the airbags in a frontal impact collision will force the car glass off the frame. When this happens, the airbags cannot function properly to protect the driver and front seat passenger. Lives may be lost.

To keep the original factory installed car glass as long as possible, you should promptly get the windshield repaired whenever the smallest kind of damage is done to the windshield car glass. Call for mobile Affordable Auto Glass repair today for a free quote.

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